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Top 10 Questions you should ask yourself, before you buy a monkey.

From: The Home Office in Wahoo, Nebraska  10-1-2001


10. Do I really need another Monkey?


9.  Have I monkey-proofed my kitchen?


8. How well will he get along with my Panda?

7. Can I get a better deal on a monkey if I wait until after Christmas?


6. Am I another man in his 40s reacting to a mid-life crisis by purchasing a monkey?


5. How is the monkey school system in my district?

4. Won’t it be cute if the monkey and I wear matching outfits?

3.The traditional 10th Anniversary gift is monkey, right?


2. Should I spend the extra money on an orangutan?

1. Do I really want to buy a monkey from a guy who looks like this? (Picture of Dave Letterman).







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