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Top 10 Reasons Why Dogís Canít Use Computers

From: Anna Welander


10.† His distracted by cats chasing his mouse.

9.    SIT and STAY were hard enough; CUT and PASTE are out of the question.


8.    Saliva-coated CDís refuse to work.


7.    Three words: carpel paw syndrome.


6.  † Involuntary tail wagging is a dead give-away that heís browsing instead of working.


5.    The fire hydrant icon is simply too frustrating.


4.    He canít help attacking the screen when he hears: ďYouíve Got Mail.Ē


3.    Itís too messy to ďmark every Web site he visits.


2.    The FETCH command isnít available on all platforms.


1.    He canít stick his head out of Windows 10.