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Top 10 Signs You’re Talking To A Bad Phone Psychic

From: Home Office in Wahoo, Nebraska, Top 10 list for Sept. 28, 2001



10. The only thing that she can predict: last night’s winning lottery numbers..


9.   Her rate: 25 cents for the first minute, 75 dollars for each additional minute.


8.   It took her three questions to determine your sex.


7.   Insists you put all or your money on the Tampa Bay Devil Rays.


6.  She starts asking you about her future.


5.  Tells you your name is Eli W. Thornburgh, but your name is actually Eli S. Thornburgh.


4.   On the phone you hear the unmistakable rattle of a magic 8 ball.


3.   Told President Clinton, “Go for it, honey. No one will find out.’ .


2.   Answers phone, “Larry speaking, I mean Ms. Cleo.”



1.    Predicted tonight’s “Late Show” was going to be the best ever!



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